Greetings and welcome to our fine collection of vintage bass guitars! Here at Empire we specialize in high quality vintage and used instruments in every price range. From high dollar vintage collectibles to American built professional gigging instruments to quality starter and mid priced guitars, we have it all! Vintage Fender Bass Guitars,  Gibson, Guild, Hofner, Ampeg, Rickenbacker and so much more. We are always adding new guitars to our inventory so check back frequently!

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      1962 Fender Jazz Bass

      The early year (1960-1962) Jazz Basses are some of the most iconic and desirable instruments on the vintage market.


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      1966 Fender Jazz Bass

      This is a classic and highly sought after '66 Jazz Bass in incredible shape for its age. It has a 34" scale neck with a round D profile for fast and fancy playing in any position. Even includes the original chrome pickup covers and bridge covers. An excellent example of one of Fender's finest 4-string creations!


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      1968/1969 Gibson EB-2

      The EB-2 is a classic bass with a distinct sound that will win you the admiration (or more likely envy) of your fellow four-stringers!


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      1973 Hayman 4040 Bass

      This early 1970s Hayman 4040 was made in England and has an amber/red/black burst finish and is in excellent overall condition. It is a great oddball bass for rock, r&b, jazz, fusion, and blues! This bass will definitely turn some heads!


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      1976 Fender Precision Bass

      As the first production model bass guitar, the Fender Precision bass was revolutionary upon its introduction in 1951. This 1976 model holds to a tried and true formula of an ash body, maple neck and single pickup: simple, stylish and full of tone.


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      1976 Univox Eagle Bass

      Released as a Bicentennial model, the Eagle bass resembles a Precision bass, but with a narrower Jazz bass style neck and a large eagle ornately carved into the top of the dark-stained body. Made in Japan during the adventurous heyday of Japanese luthiery, this is an extremely rare and super cool bass; it would be hard to find another instrument that more fully expresses the spirit of (19)76.