Fender Bass Guitars


At the very beginning of the 1950’s Leo Fender and associate George Fullerton released the first mass produced electric bass and the walls have been shaking ever since.  The “Precision Bass” of the early 50’s bears only a passing resemblance to what we recognize as a precision bass now a days.  The original “P-bass” had a non contoured telecaster like body (or broadcaster to be era correct) and a similarly telecaster influenced headstock shape.  Later this style would be reissued under the moniker “Telecaster Bass”.  The modern Procession bass has more contours and a split single coil pickup.   The Jazz Bass has more features with its double pickups and tapered neck.   Together these two bases are far and away the most popular bass guitars on the market and have been used on countless hit recordings throughout the decades.

    • original

      1962 Fender Jazz Bass

      The early year (1960-1962) Jazz Basses are some of the most iconic and desirable instruments on the vintage market.


    • original

      1966 Fender Jazz Bass

      This is a classic and highly sought after '66 Jazz Bass in incredible shape for its age. It has a 34" scale neck with a round D profile for fast and fancy playing in any position. Even includes the original chrome pickup covers and bridge covers. An excellent example of one of Fender's finest 4-string creations!


    • original

      1976 Fender Precision Bass

      As the first production model bass guitar, the Fender Precision bass was revolutionary upon its introduction in 1951. This 1976 model holds to a tried and true formula of an ash body, maple neck and single pickup: simple, stylish and full of tone.


    • original

      1978 Fender Jazz Bass

      A great-playing, super clean example of an iconic bass.