The Fender Jazzmaster Adapts to Everything but Jazz

Leo Fender hit it out of the park in the early 1950s with three innovative solid body instruments that changed music as we know it. They were the Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster and the Precision Bass. But in 1957, Leo Fender set out to make another big splash. He decided to build a top-of-the-line sibling to […]

Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz: Pushing Amps to their Limits

Chances are, if you’ve ever plugged an electric guitar into an amplifier, you’ve dabbled with distortion, overdrive or fuzz effects. For both rock and blues guitarists, these effects provide the desired “edge” needed to fill, sustain or strengthen their sound. Distortion as an intentionally added effect came about somewhat by accident. Early guitar amplifiers in […]

The Legendary James Burton

James Burton is one of the most legendary guitar players of all time, in both rock and country. At the age of 14, he was already playing club gigs and private parties. He was known to skip school just to play his guitar. He started with a 1952 Fender Telecaster, and would later become known […]

Steve Cropper: Artist, Song Writer, Producer

Steve Cropper was born in Missouri in 1941, and moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1950. He picked up the guitar at age 14 and found his passion. Among his early influences were Chuck Berry, Tal Farlow, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Reed, Lowman Pauling of the Five Royales and Billy Butler of the Bill Doggett Band. He […]

The Gibson ES-345

The Gibson ES-345 is a unique Gibson model, which was the result of a demand for a Limited Model of the original Gibson ES-335. It was the worlds first thin line arched-top semi-acoustic guitar, and was created in 1958 by the Gibson Guitar company. It was part of the “ES” series, standing for “Electric Spanish.” […]