Guild Electric Guitars


As a Rhode Island based shop, Guild guitars are a matter of home town pride around Empire Guitars.   Guild’s earlier instruments were produced first in New York and then Hoboken NJ.   By the mid 1960’s the company settled in Westerly Rhode Island where they continued to make beautiful instruments until Fender acquired the company and eventually moved the factory out of Rhode Island in 2001.  Many of our customers and friends have worked at the Westerly Guild factory at some point and it is such a pleasure and a privilege to be able to discuss these instruments with the people involved in creating them.  Guild guitars remain one of the best bang for the buck values in the vintage guitar world.

    • original

      1956 Guild CE-100

      While Guild’s famous Slim Jim T-100 was designed as a student model, the upscale full-body CE-100 was a decidedly more professional instrument. This example is a beautiful early Hoboken-built jazz box with tons of character and tone.


    • original

      1965 Guild Starfire IV

      This Starfire IV is a great example of the "highly popular semi-hollow Guild classic, with a graceful double-cutaway thinline body and incomparable tone and feel" ( Prized by many guitarists as a solid, well-crafted rocking instrument, this beauty plays and sounds dreamy.


    • original

      1968 Guild Starfire IV

      The Starfire series has been Guild's most consistently successful electric guitar line since its inception, and was by far the company's most popular electric instrument in the 1960's. This beautiful vintage instrument plays and sounds great.