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At Empire Guitars, we’re always buying and trading, so our selection changes all the time. For our collectors, that’s very exciting. You never know what rare vintage model might find its way into the shop this week!

One thing we can tell you for sure is that whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. We’re New England’s largest inventory of vintage guitars, basses, amps and accessories. For vintage electric guitars, we’re the place.

Check out our frequently updated inventory of the latest vintage electric guitars – from one-trick ponies to one-of-a-kinds and limited editions.

    • original

      Nik Huber Orca Korina

      Nik Huber Orca brings a new twist to the traditional form with a slightly thinner body and a longer scale. The classic combination of tonewoods and traditional method of construction make this guitar spring to life out of the fascinating merger between vintage values and modern-day quality. This particularly special Orca, made of coveted Korina wood and featuring deluxe inlays, comes in a high-end, heavy-duty Calton case, providing extra value and protection for your investment.


    • original

      1970 Dan Armstrong Lucite w/ 3 interchangeable pickups

      From Keith Richards to Greg Ginn to Dave Grohl, the Dan Armstrong has been one of the most iconic and unique guitars around. This model was produced for a short time between 1969 and 1971. Its most innovative features are its see-through Lucite body and removable pickup.


    • original

      2008 Michael Spalt Voodoo V

      The Voodoo V features a resin-cast top filled with various voodoo-related objects that sits on a "Cubist Telecaster" Honduran Mahogany body. Spalt uses a special resin formula that actually enhances the sound of the instrument.


    • original

      2008 Tom Anderson Atom

      The Atom has a unique, single cut-away body silhouette, top-mounted bridge & tilt-back neck-to-body angle. Mahogany construction, and 24 3/4-inch scale-length make this a completely different Anderson that is still very familiar. A fast-flipping 5-Way switching system with two knob control setup and push/pull function facilitates almost immediate access to a huge variety of tonal variations.


    • original

      2009 DeTemple Spirit Series ‘52

      Michael DeTemple’s guitars capture the elusive qualities found in only the most desired 1950s era instruments. Each guitar is handcrafted using Mike’s own proprietary methods and tone-improving techniques.


    • original

      2013 Asher T Classic

      The Asher T Classic is inspired by the classic Telecaster guitars of the 1950s and is designed to embody all the classic tones, contours, and lightweight feel, with Asher’s unique and balanced offset body shape.


    • original

      Collings I-35 LC

      Voiced for superior response and tone, the I-35 LC features a custom laminate maple top, sides and back and an all mahogany neck. It is among Collings’ most articulate and versatile electric models.


    • original

      Rick Maguire Pre-Meridian Double Cut

      This gorgeous and expertly crafted guitar was built by Rhode Island luthier Rick Maguire. Related to, but predating, his Meridian series of high-end solid bodies, this is a rather rare and truly boutique instrument.