1960's Vox Phantom IV Bass


Summary: One of Vox’s most iconic bass designs, the Vox Phantom IV was introduced in 1963. This bass featured two single-coil pickups, volume and tone controls, and a unique five-sided body. This particular bass was made in Italy & it was probably made in the late 1960’s.

Body: Trapezoidal (5 sided) solid body

Neck: Fully bound Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays – the maple looks like it has some flame to it as well. The frets are in good used shape with lots of life left in them. The nut width is 1 11/16 inches.

Pickups/Hardware: Two single coil pickups with a volume & a tone control. This Vox bass has a two-way rotary switch to go between the pickups. This bass has the padded felt back cover that snaps onto the back to protect from scratches. The cover has some rips in the felt protector. The tuning keys and the bridge cover are original and in good shape.

Cosmetics: This Phantom is in good shape for its age. It has finish checking in the laquer on the back of the neck, especially by the tuning keys. The pickguard has numerous cracks around the pickguard screws and is missing some small pieces of the pickguard. There is a large dent in the headstock right below the Vox logo. Structurally the bass is sound with no breaks or cracks.

Playability: This bass is very light and plays great – the neck feels solid and it is very comfortable to play. The action on this bass is low and there is some buzz on the low E string. This Phantom frets out around the 13th and 15th fret on the low E string

Weight:  7 lbs,  14 oz.

Case: Original odd-shaped hard shell case