1964 Fender Stratocaster


This is the sort of original Fender Strat any guitar lover would dream of finding at a local yard sale or flea-market.  It possesses the perfect amount of wear, fade, age, and all-around awesomeness that these tone monsters are known for!  The original Fender Pre-CBS pickups get a nice mean growl that demands to be let loose onstage.  These super-responsive single coils will send you on the road to perfect sound forever! A Fender Transition logo sits comfortably on its superbly faded amber headstock. All parts and everything about it are original although it is missing the back panel for the tremolo block area.  The 3-way pickup selector switch is unfortunately not working at the moment. It comes with a brown tolex 1960s case that’s original albeit a little worse for wear.  It is solid yet lightweight and airy with a standard Strat neck scale of 25.5”.  The neck stamp reads 2 Oct. 64 B and the back plate for the neck reads a serial of L44871.  If you are in the neighborhood for a vintage Stratocaster and want one that feels just like the way you remember them then it is high time you treated yourself to one of the best!