1965 Fender Stratocaster


This incredible 1965 Fender Strat has a vibrant red, amber, and black finish over a solid maple body with a barely-worn maple neck.  The back neck plate has a serial of L99600.  The bridge and saddles are fairly worn but the guitar plays beautifully. There is some checking and wear in the finish around the body but considering it’s age it is in very good shape. On the back of the body there are two series of small digs in the finish that look as though the guitar had been laid upon some sort of surface that dug into it a little bit. The back plate is cracked around the upper and lower screws. There are a few dings in the finish along the sides of the body as well. The original guard has some slight warping and a crack near the upper most bout screw but is still in really good shape!  An off-white, almost mint colored replacement guard has been installed but the original is included in the case.  The back of the neck is slightly worn but this one is very well taken care of and has a great long life ahead of it.  The original single coils sound especially well-balanced with some nice bite at the bridge and the middle pickup is zesty and vibrant.  The neck pickup is fat and punchy.   Comes with original black hard shell case.