1966 Fender Jaguar


The Jaguar is a classic from Fender that has lived two separate lives; first as the instrument most likely expected to be found in the hands of the guitarist of a ‘60s garage rock or surf act and then reborn as one of the main guitar models of choice for 1990s indie, alternative, and grunge rockers! From Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine churning out mountains of feedback to Tom Verlaine’s intricate playing for punk pioneers Television, the Jaguar has established itself as much more than a niche model. This particular example is from 1966 and features the block inlays and white binding Fender switched over to mid-way through that year (as well as the Fender “F” tuning machines they also switched over to around the same time). All parts look to be period-correct to the model. The serial number impressed into the neck plate reads “189688”. The Fender Jaguar single coil pickups sound fantastic and when coupled with the rocker switches and selectable rhythm circuit give you a pretty wide variety of tones. It sports the lockable Fender “floating” vibrato system as well as the original Jaguar bridge, mute, and “trem” arm. The 24” maple scale neck has a comfortable D-profile and measures about 1 5/8th” at the nut with a rosewood finger board. The body has a nice offset shape that forms well to the player’s body and it is not especially heavy, weighing in at about 8 lbs 3 ounces. The frets have some wear; it plays great but might need a re-fret in the future to keep it in top playing condition. It has been set-up with roundwound 10s by our in-house guitar tech and has very playable action. Cosmetically it does have some belt rash and scratches on the back and a few light finish dings on the sides and top but for its age it is in impressive condition. Whether you want to surf the waves of reverb or drown everything out with a Sonic Youth-inspired noise explosion the Jaguar is undeniably the perfect guitar for the job! Includes original hard shell case.