1967 Gibson ES-345 TDC Cherry


Summary: The ES-345 was introduced shortly after the ES-335. The ES-345 differed from the 335 in its inclusion of a Vari-tone tone selector circuit, split-parallelogram inlays, stereo output, and gold hardware. While the ES-345 was original envisioned as an upgraded version of the ES-335, classic 335s are more desirable on the vintage market. The full catalog name for the ES-345 is the ES-345TD.

Body: Double cutaway semi-hollowbody

Neck: Fully bound mahogany neck with Gibson Deluxe tuning keys. This Gibson has large split parallelogram abalone pearl fingerboard inlays. The back of the neck feels great but it does have lots of cosmetic wear.

Pickups/Hardware: Two humbucker pickups, Vari-tone control, two volume and two tone knobs and a 3-way switch. Gold hardware.  This guitar has the original bridge with the nylon saddles!

Cosmetics:  This is a great example of a vintage Gibson ES-345 that has been played but has also been well taken care of over the years. This instrument shows wear that is consistent with a guitar from the mid 1960’s. The checking on this instrument is fabulous! There are a few dings on the top of this guitar but they are overshadowed by the awesome checking. There is lots of wear around the top of the headstock and there is lots of wear around the sides of the guitar, especially down around the strap button. The pickguard is original but it does look warped. The binding is in great shape!

Playability:  This guitar is very easy to play with low action and very little buzzing. The frets are in great shape and they have lots of life left.

Mods/Repairs: This instrument has be re-fretted and the frets are in good shape with lots of life left.

Weight: 8 lbs,   9 oz.

Case: Original hard shell case