1968/1969 Gibson EB-2


Gibson’s model EB-2 was the four string semi-hollow cousin of the Es-335. It has a serial number of 600479, putting it somewhere between ’68 and ’69. The cherry finish on the top of the body is in fantastic shape with only light wear and checking. There are a few spots of buckle-rash on the back of the body. The binding has settled to a nice yellow hue, adding to the vintage look of this fine instrument. The frets have some wear; it has a very light buzz around the upper frets (especially above the 12th). It looks as though the frets are the original ones. The hardware, pickup, knobs, and pickguard all look period-appropriate. The headstock has some light wear especially at the top. The Gibson logo on the pickguard has worn slightly. The bass does not come with the bridge cover or the thumb rest. There is a “Staff Music of Akron, OH” decal on the back of the neck (if anyone knows if they still exist let us know!). The bass has been set-up by our staff technician and plays gorgeously. There are a few dings at the base of the neck that are purely cosmetic. The “Sidewinder” humbucker pickup has the thumping, bumping Marinana-trench deep bass that this model is famous for! It would make an excellent bass for dub and reggae but also would work for classic rock, indie, country, or blues. This era EB-2 also has the “baritone” switch (added to the EB-2s in the second year of production) for added tonal variety. The shorter scale (30.5″) makes this a great bass for guitarists who dare to venture into the land of the low end. The neck measures 1 9/16th” at the nut. It is currently strung with round wound strings but would also sound amazing with flat wounds or half-rounds. Overall the EB-2 is a classic bass with a distinct sound that will win you the admiration (or more likely envy) of your fellow four-stringers! Includes hard shell case.