1969 Gibson J-50 Acoustic with hardshell case


Summary:  After a brief appearance in 1942, the J-50 was reintroduced in 1947. The J-50 is essentially the same guitar as the iconic J-45 but with a natural instead of sunburst finish. As such, the changes in specifications between the two models have been more or less identical through their history.  This particular J-50 has a serial # of 875758 that dates it to 1967.

Body:  Sloped shoulder acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top & mahogany back & sides.

Neck:  Mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, 20 frets, dot inlays, rosewood bridge with an adjustable saddle, replacement Kluson-Deluxe tuning keys.  The frets have some life left in them & there are no major divits.  The scale length is 24 5/8” and the nut width is 1 9/16”.

Pickups/Hardware:  No electronics, chrome hardware, original pickguard.

Cosmetics:  This instrument does have a lot of honest wear & tear – this baby has been played and loved throughout its life.  There are various dings & blemishes with lots of cool checking.  There are several nice sized dings on the sides and a few noticeable nicks on the top – the back of the guitar does have some buckle rash & there is evidence of some sticker residue as well.  On the top of this guitar there is also a place where you can see the letters “A,L,Y” and I believe someone named Aly owned the guitar at one time & put some stickers on the guitar and they must have stayed there for quite a while.

Playability:  This guitar plays good – the action is not super low but it is still comfortable & the guitar plays without any buzzing or dead spots.  This Gibson sounds great & we had it set up with 12’s by our in-house luthier.

Mods/Repairs:  This instrument has replacement Kluson Deluxe tuning keys and the original plastic bridge has been replaced with a rosewood bridge.

Weight:   4 lbs, 5 oz.

Case:  This guitar comes with a super nice aftermarket hardshell case – this case is a brown hardshell case that has a tag that says “Everett” inside and it was made in Canada.  I also found the original “Gibson” hangtag inside the case!