2017 Frayed Knot Electronics Zippery Slipper Ring Modulator *Free Shipping*


Free Shipping!

A pair of ring modulators, one with frequency modulation, one with pulse width modulation, working together to give subtle warbling & tonal changes, shimmery phasing filters, to screaming waves of pitch following space sirens!


1.Oscillator A frequency(frequency modulated sine)
2.Oscillator B frequency(pulse width modulated square)
3.Oscillator A modulation depth
4.Oscillator B modulation depth
5.Modulation oscillator frequency
6.Oscillator A/ Oscillator B mix

Footswitch- Bypass

-16 bit 44100hz
-1/4 mono in/out
-true bypass
-2.1mm center negative 9v dc
-Conditional lifetime guarantee