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      Kala KA-CG Concert Ukulele Mahogany Gloss Top

      Prepare to be impressed with Kala's KA-CG concert ukulele. This great-sounding uke is part of Kala's Mahogany series, providing you with stunning looks and tone to match. One look at the KA-CG's beautiful mahogany top, back, and sides, and you'll know this is one special uke.


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      Mid to Late 1930s Gibson L-50

      A desirable prewar Gibson archtop. Classic vintage looks and sound at an obtainable price.


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      1963 Gibson J-50 Acoustic

      This is a 1963 Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar with a hand crafted rosewood bridge & a lot of character & tone. This vintage Gibson will be shipped in a hardshell acoustic case & it plays and sounds great.


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      1964 Epiphone Texan FT-79N

      This legendary guitar has a wonderful solid spruce top with lots of character & age – this guitar sounds like it could have been in the studio when the Beatles recorded “Yesterday” in 1964…..


    • original

      1968 Epiphone Texan FT-79 Natural

      This mahogany-bodied, spruce-topped dreadnought was made famous by none other than Paul McCartney, and can be heard on the recording of "Yesterday." The Texan has also been used by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Ben Gibbard, Noel Gallagher, and Peter Frampton. This particular guitar serial # dates it to 1968……


    • original

      1969 Gibson J-50 Acoustic with hardshell case

      After a brief appearance in 1942, the J-50 was reintroduced in 1947. The J-50 is essentially the same guitar as the iconic J-45 but with a natural instead of sunburst finish. As such, the changes in specifications between the two models have been more or less identical through their history. This particular J-50 has a serial # of 875758 that dates it to 1967.


    • original

      2014 Taylor 524ce

      This cutaway Grand Auditorium blends Taylor’s most versatile body style with the fundamental focus and meaty midrange of mahogany, emphasized further with the mahogany soundboard.


    • original

      2015 Gibson Hummingbird

      Much of the Hummingbird's appeal lies in its versatility. However you attack this flat-top, it pumps out rich, deep tones, and is equally at home strumming first-position chords as it is taking the spotlight for flatpicking lead lines. Its spacious mahogany body and sweet sitka spruce top are more than capable of nailing down the rhythm in the hands of a rock and roll sideman, or accompanying the most nuanced performance under the fingers of today's alternative singer-songwriter. This particular Gibson model # is a “Hummingbird” and it was built in 2015!


    • original

      2015 Takamine P7DC Acoustic/Electric with Hardshell Case

      The Takamine P7DC is a powerful dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar that combines tradition with contemporary refinements. This guitar features a solid spruce top with “X” top bracing and solid rosewood back & sides.


    • original

      2017 Yamaha LS-26 Acoustic with hardshell case

      The vintage-inspired LS26 A.R.E. reminds us of the tradition of Yamaha guitars. Open-gear tuners and overall classic looks draw interest of many players who appreciate history, tradition and good-old days. Like its appearance, the sound of the LS26 A.R.E. is open and mature while offering Yamaha's incredible comfort and playability. This particular Yamaha is in great shape & it comes with the original hard shell case.


    • original

      Kala KA-B Baritone Ukulele Satin Mahogany

      This baritone ukulele plays like a dream, and you'll love the price! From its traditional design to its mahogany construction to its beautifully subtle appointments, Kala's KA-B has all the hallmarks you're looking for in a fine baritone uke.


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      NEW Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele Satin Mahogany

      This great-sounding uke is part of Kala's Mahogany series, providing you with stunning looks and tone to match.


    • original

      Yamaha A3M ARE Acoustic/Electric with case *Free Shipping*

      The A3M ARE, traditional western body cutaway guitar, features all-solid mahogany back and sides with sitka spruce top with Yamaha's original A.R.E. wood-torrefaction technology. Natural, dynamic plugged-in tone from the SRT2 pickup system perfectly suit your performance on the stage.


    • original

      Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar in Black *Free Shipping*

      The neck shape and 634mm scale length of the SLG200S continue the design legacy of conventional acoustic guitars, while its ultra-slim body is perfect for players of both acoustic and electric instruments.