• original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Baby Thunder

      We packed in just about everything from it’s big brother, (the Eau Claire Thunder) giving you a boat load of fuzz tones in a very board-friendly package. The Trim knob is there to tame extra loud signals if you need it.


    • original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Ghost Fax Phase Computer

      We are calling Ghost Fax a phase computer for a reason. Though traditionally an analog effect, it wouldn’t be a Dwarfcraft phaser if we didn’t add some new capabilities, along with the traditional features.


    • original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness

      Happiness opens a new world of synth inspired tones and textures with low pass, band pass, and high pass filtering. The filter is modulated with an internal triangle based LFO or external CV patched in, and a “scramble” feature, akin to a sample and hold.


    • original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Necromancer Fuzz

      The Necromancer started as the Super Fuzz style circuit from the Silver Rose v2. We added a middle band to the EQ. The Mids knob is tuned to the deepest frequency dip created by flipping the “Mids” toggle down, allowing players to get a little more picky with their scooped tones.


    • original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Super Wizard

      Picking up where the Wizard of Pitch left off, the Super Wizard is a behemoth of pitch shifting, glitching, and lo-fi echo delights. This new machine for new music starts with the sample based pitch shifting circuit from our Wizard of Pitch.


    • original

      Dwarfcraft Devices Wizard of Pitch

      The Wizard began as a simple idea: Cut the Pitchgrinder down to a single pitch shifter, with a mix control. What it became is something much more exciting, with brand new capabilities.