• original

      1968-1970 Kustom K200 Electric Guitar

      Best known for their iconic Tuck and Roll amplifiers, Kustom briefly produced a line of guitars and basses. Made in 1968 and 1969, these unique and rare instruments featured a semi-hollow body of unusual design—the front and back were made separately, hollowed out, then joined together. They have been called the love-child of a Mosrite and a Rickenbacker.


    • original

      1969 Gibson Super 400 CESN

      Meet the ultimate Big Bopper! Original Gibson humbuckers give you an incredible tone and the thin flamed maple neck will have you racing up and down the frets in no time!


    • original

      1970 Dan Armstrong Lucite w/ 3 interchangeable pickups

      From Keith Richards to Greg Ginn to Dave Grohl, the Dan Armstrong has been one of the most iconic and unique guitars around. This model was produced for a short time between 1969 and 1971. Its most innovative features are its see-through Lucite body and removable pickup.


    • original

      1970 Gibson Johnny Smith with Original Hardshell Case

      The Gibson Johnny Smith introduced the world's first floating humbucking pickup when it debuted in 1961. It also resurrected the classic X-braced top, a design used by Gibson in the 1930's. The visual design of the Johnny Smith is drawn from a number of top-of-the-line models, such as the L-5C and the Super 400.


    • original

      1971 Fender Telecaster

      A classic tele in every respect, with a light ash body, maple neck and tons of spank and twang. This guitar comes with the original hardshell case.


    • original

      1972 Gibson Les Paul Standard ’58 Gold Top

      Although Gibson dubbed this model a ’58, it is in fact a reissue of the Les Paul from 1954, and an impressively accurate one at that. With a solid (no pancake) body, a long tenon neck and no volute, this guitar erases the more egregious sins of 70s Gibsons, offering the buyer an instrument that compares favorably to its original at a much more accessible price.


    • original

      1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

      This is a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe with the original mini-humbuckers & an awesome Goldtop finish. This guitar plays and sounds wonderful & it ships with a Gibson hardshell case.


    • original

      1976 Travis Bean TB-1000S “Standard”

      We are psyched to have such a clean example of this rare guitar in the shop! Coming to us with only two previous owners, the serial number stamped into the headstock tells us this is number 541 of only 1422 TB 1000 Standards ever produced.


    • original

      1977 Gibson ES-175D

      This is a great example of the iconic Gibson jazz guitar - this 1977 ES-175D sounds great, plays great & it looks great when you hold it in your hands.


    • original

      1985 Fender D’Aquisto Standard

      Released as the flagship models of Fender’s “Master Series” in the eighties, these high end archtop jazz guitars were designed by acclaimed luthier James D’Aquisto and built to his exacting specifications in Japan.


    • original

      1995 Rickenbacker 360 Fireglo with original hardshell case

      The Rickenbacker 360 is considered one of the most iconic Rickenbacker guitars of all time. Both the 12-string (360-12) and 6-string version of this guitar helped define pop music in the '60s - most notably as used by the Beatles.


    • original

      2001 Gibson "59-335" ES-335 59' Reissue

      This guitar is a 2001 Gibson Custom Shop 59' Reissue ES-335 with the original hard shell case & COA. This instrument is a beautiful cherry red. This guitar plays great and has a wonderful rich, full tone.


    • original

      2005 Gretsch 6119 TR Tennessee Rose

      This 2005 Gretsch Tennessee Rose is a versatile jazz box with lots of beauty & a ton of tone. This instrument is in great shape & it comes with the original hardshell case. This guitar was made in Japan in December of 2005.


    • original

      2007 Fender Custom Shop "Custom Classic Tele"

      This instrument is a Fender Custom Shop “Custom Classic Tele in 3-Color Sunburst” – The notes from Fender say it was made on 2/5/2007 ! This tele features a special piece of “Premium Ash” and it looks incredible hanging on our wall of Fender guitars! The wood grain is even more striking up close when you hold it in your hands.


    • original

      2008 Fender Custom Shop 1956 NOS with Original Tweed case

      This NOS 1956 Fender Stratocaster looks and sounds like any old school Fender should & it looks like a great example of the New Old Stock Fender classic. This Stratocaster has a beefy round neck & it sounds and plays great.


    • original

      2008 Gibson Les Paul LPR-8 Murphy Aged Goldtop

      This is a real-deal 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul LPR-8 1958 'Aged Historic' Reissue Gold Top. Only 75 were made worldwide, and this one is #42 out of 75! Pre-aged by Tom Murphy at the Gibson Custom facility and built by Master Builder Edwin Wilson


    • original

      2008 Gibson LPR8

      This is a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul reissue with a plain top and a beautiful tobacco sunburst finish. This instrument plays great and has a huge vintage Gibson LP tone.


    • original

      2010 Fender Custom Shop "1955 Active Strat"

      This unique Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster features a chunky but comfortable neck with a beautifully aged body and a classic sunburst finish. This Stratocaster combines the looks and feel of a 1950’s Strat with modern electronics utilizing the Eric Clapton electronic system giving you tons of boost in your second tone knob.


    • original

      2012 Fender Custom Shop '69 Relic Stratocaster

      This Fender Custom Shop 1969 Relic Stratocaster is in fantastic used shape and has been fully set up by our in house repair tech for optimal playability. It includes the original orange-lined black vintage style case from G&G as well as the original paperwork, certificate, custom shop leather strap, custom shop cable, bridge cover and vibrato arm.


    • original

      2012 Fender James Burton Telecaster

      Guitarist James Burton has played with a virtual who’s who of country and rock luminaries since the fifties, from Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello. Through it all, Burton has favored the Fender Tele as his axe of choice, earning himself the nickname “the Master of the Telecaster.” His was the first signature Telecaster model, and today’s James Burton Telecaster is as fiery as ever, designed to his exacting specifications with three pickups, special switching, gold hardware, gorgeous paisley-flame finish and more.


    • original

      2012 Giffin Vitka

      Roger Giffin is a guitar-maker for the stars…..Giffin has built for Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle, Mark Knopfler, Andy Summers, David Gilmour, and many others. Giffin also ran the Gibson Custom Shop in California for many years before striking out on his own. Now producing his own models under the name Giffin Guitars, he designed the “Vitka” that was built by a group of craftsmen called the Premier Builders Guild.


    • original

      2013 Fender "Blackie" Stratocaster

      The “Blackie” is one of Fenders most enduring & acclaimed signature series guitars of all time – The Eric Clapton signature guitar entails a classic design with special features & true Fender tone. This instrument doesn’t include the original hardshell case but we will ship it in a gig bag!


    • original

      2014 Fender American Standard Strat HSS

      For those of you wishing your Strat came with a humbucker, take a look at the Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS. A member of the American Standard Strat family, the Stratocaster HSS is crafted in the United States and boasts all of the features that make Strats so popular: the iconic body shape, a five-way pickup switch, and more. But instead of another single-coil at the bridge, the HSS has, you guessed it, a humbucker.