• original

      2014 Gibson Les Paul Signature with Original Hardshell Case

      This is a 2014 Gibson Les Paul “Signature” with a beautiful flame maple top & a glossy sunburst finish. This guitar features 2 1957 classic humbucker pickups. The guitar includes the original pickguard in the case.


    • original

      2014 Swope "Geronimo"

      The one that started it all. An offset alder bodied double cut. Featuring the O.G. pickups, (Original Geronimo), Swope’s original humbucking design – full voiced with a wonderful clarity.


    • original

      2015 D'Angelico EXL-1

      The EXL-1 has been revived with all the quality expected from D'Angelico. This single-cutaway archtop features a signature D'Angelico stairstep tailpiece along with a floating pickup and hard maple neck.


    • original

      2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with Original Hardshell Case

      The Les Paul Traditional 2016 T's foundation is the same traditional tonewood combination that helped make the Les Paul a legend when it was introduced six decades ago. A traditional pickup wind in the neck position provides plenty of warmth and clarity, and in the bridge position, slightly over-wound coils in the '57 Classic PlusTM offer wailing lead tones.


    • original

      2016 Gibson LPR8 58' Reissue

      The Standard Historic 1958 Standard Les Paul from Gibson Custom delivers the tone, looks and feel of the original ’58, the first of the Gibson’s now infamous Sunburst models. It features hand-crafted beauty, authentic vintage Gibson tone and historic appointments plus historically accurate aniline dye, hide glue neck construction and the renown sound transference that comes with its long neck tenon.


    • original

      2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard 58' Reissue Murphy Aged

      Not your average Gibson Les Paul…..This is a Tom Murphy aged and painted Wildwood Spec Gibson Les Paul TH58 Aged and it sounds and looks incredible. Tom Murphy is a legend in the guitar industry and you can see and feel the difference when you play this instrument.


    • original

      BRAND NEW 2014 Silvertone Model 1478 Reissue Black **FREE SHIPPING**

      This reissue of the Silvertone 1478 sports a stock Bigsby, single coil pickups, and a comfortable C shape neck. **FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING**


    • original

      Fodera Imperial Custom with Original Case

      The Imperial Custom is a single cut electric guitar that combines the classic thick rich tone of guitars from the 50’s updated with modern aesthetic, playability, and construction techniques. Using only premium hand-selected tone-woods, these guitars provide a rich and resonant tone that is somewhat traditional but with added clarity thanks to the untraditional 3-piece neck and Dovetail neck joint.


    • original

      Greene & Campbell Precix Electric Guitar with case

      This American made “Green & Campbell Precix” is a unique solid body electric guitar with a wonderful translucent finish that shows the wood grain along with high quality parts, an ebony fingerboard & two Seymour Duncan pickups. This guitar comes with the original hardshell case.


    • original

      John Page Classic Ashburn with original gig bag

      A double-cutaway, solid body guitar custom designed by John Page to embody his Uniquely Familiar™ design aesthetic. Featuring an extremely comfortable medium “C” shaped grip, threaded bolt neck assembly for greater tone transfer, contoured heel for easier upper fret access, staggered tuners that eliminate the need for string trees, bass justified fret dots for greater visibility, and Bloodline® by John Page JP-1 single coil S-style pickups with contrarian bridge pickup slant.


    • original

      Reverend Airwave 12 String Midnight Black

      Larger than life tone and style, not larger than life problems. The bridge is fully intonateable for all 12 strings – independently – chords are always in tune and sound sweeter than you’d expect. The wide nut provides spacing for the extra strings, and the shorter 24-3/4” scale length provides lower string tension. Easier chording means it’s easier to get that shimmer.


    • original

      Reverend Club King 290 (Tobacco Burst) NEW **FREE SHIPPING**

      This blues/rock bad boy delivers the acoustic overtones of a full size semi-hollow, but with extra clarity and spank courtesy of the 25.5″ scale maple neck.


    • original

      Reverend Club King 290 w/ Bigsby Midnight Black

      This blues/rock bad boy delivers the acoustic overtones of a full size semi-hollow, but with extra clarity and spank courtesy of the 25.5″ scale maple neck. P-90’s add just the right amount of raw edge to the rich and woody tones.


    • original

      Reverend Double Agent III Vintage Clear Flame Maple

      Have you ever wanted the power and girth of a bridge humbucker, and the sweet/bluesy tone of a neck P-90 in one axe? Then this is your guitar. The two pickups complement each other perfectly, allowing you to switch seamlessly between two different tonal characters without losing volume or punch. And combined, they offer up a unique balls-meets-twang tone unlike anything else.


    • original

      Supro Black Holiday 1575JB-U *Free Shipping*

      The Black Holiday is an all-new Supro instrument, based on the Chicago-made, reso-glass guitars of the 1960s. While the vintage Supro instruments were constructed entirely of fiberglass, our updated construction technique mates a newly developed composite “Acousti-glass” top to a chambered mahogany back for greater semi-acoustic resonance and tuning stability over the originals.


    • original

      Supro Coronado II Black *Free Shipping in the USA*

      This Supro Coronado is the only one we have left - no tremelo - plays great & sounds great but it has been on the floor and it has been played..... Free shipping in the USA!


    • original

      Supro Coronado II with Vibrato *Free Shipping in the USA*

      The Coronado II Vibrato is a reproduction of the two-pickup, vibrato bar-equipped, wide-body Supro electric guitar that was first manufactured in the early 1960s. The Coronado reissue mates a chambered Mahogany back with a newly-developed, composite “Acousti-glass” top.