• original

      Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Fuzz

      Three parallel JFET fuzz circuits driven by a voltage controlled state variable filter with resonance control, mu-amp input stage and quite possibly, a wedgie.


    • original

      Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude

      Imparting a dark and tape-like quality to your sound, this analogue delay offers a rich and distinct character for you to wallow in luxury, self-righteousness and filth.


    • original

      Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge Ring Mod

      At its finest, in a considerably small package, powered by your typical 9V power supply, all analogue, hand stamped, pure sine wave oscillator, low-pass filtered with a touch of class and apparently musical. These are the requirements of warp speed space travel; a regular occurrence when dealing with Randy's hardware.


    • original

      Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator

      Poolside conversations while staring at your own reflection. The depths of which shall never be known, at least not for another couple thousand years. So it goes.


    • original

      Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant Compressor

      Every operation needs an accountant, and your signal chain is no exception. This little guy will fit right in, no questions asked. Call upon his services to crunch numbers, cook your books and calculate ratios in all confidence that your sh** will remain tight.