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      On The Road Effects Betterizer Line Buffer

      If you're using long cable runs, or have a pedal board full of true bypass pedals, your tone could be weak and muddy due to increased capacitance. The Betterizer restores the full strength of your pickups by converting the signal from high impedance to low impedance. It


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      On The Road Effects Dynami Vise

      The Dynami Vise is a natural, transparent sounding compressor that preserves your tone while boosting low level nuances of your playing by up to 20dB.


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      On The Road Effects Road Rash

      The Road Rash Overdrive has it all: touch dynamics, just the right amount of low-end and midrange frequencies, and a semi-ridiculous amount of volume boost.


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      On The Road Tremble Tremolo

      The Tremble™ Tremolo is a smooth vintage tremolo as you would find on classic amps of the 1960's, but with a wider range of speeds, and the ability to switch seamlessly between two speeds of your choosing, while you play!


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      On The Road Warm & Fuzzies

      A warm fuzz with a nice bottom end- perfect for solos, but also well suited for rhythm playing!