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      Yamaha PAC611VFMX Matte Root Beer *Free Shipping*

      First launched in 1990, the Pacifica series was driven by the California session scene of the day, where versatility, performance, and individuality were key. Inspired by those custom-shop guitars and that original version, the limited-edition PAC611VFMX is today's embodiment of the Pacifica concept, featuring a Wilkinson VS-50 tremolo, aluminum pickguard, and a superb satin finish unique to this model.


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      Yamaha RevStar RS502T BGR Billet Green *Free Shipping*

      Japanese minimalist style is simple to describe but hard to capture. With just enough of everything you need, and nothing that you don’t, the RS502 is exactly what it should be–beautifully simple.


    • original

      Yamaha RevStar RS620 in Burnt Charcoal finish with Gig Bag *Free Shipping*

      Inspired by the 1974 Yamaha ‘Super Flighter’ guitar, the RS620 takes its design cues from a cult classic, combining them in perfect balance with the individual styling and custom-built vibe of the Revstar concept.Its roots definitely run deep, but this isn’t your dad’s guitar.


    • original

      Yamaha RS502T in "Bowden Green" finish with Gig Bag *Free Shipping*

      The RS502T represents the purest expression of the Revstar design concept. Balanced perfectly on the point where familiarity and uniqueness coincide, the RS502T is everything you hope it’ll be, with custom-built hardware, the unique Revstar shape, and a tone that inspires.