Fuzzrocious RTM Ram The Manparts


**please note: Fuzzrocious changes a number of design features from pedal to pedal. The stock photo above may not 100% reflect the color of the knobs, stencil, etc. on the pedal for sale. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the cosmetic features of this pedal – Empire Guitars**

Ram the manparts is a LM386 (power amp dude) overdrive that we modified to make it better for guitarists and bassists alike! We have addded a voltage sag to allow you to drop the voltage below 9V, creating a glitchy, sputtery Fuzz Face-esque sound. Keep it clean, make it grindier/heavier, or make it glitchy…the choice is yours, dude. This screenprinted design marks our first screenprinted pedal and our very first full collaboration with a musician/band for an homage to their design (do yourself a favor and Google “Botch”). Thank you for Brian Cook and Botch for allowing us to use their image!

NOTE: please watch the videos and/or read the instruction manual before playing/ordering/etc.

Includes bypass footswitch, volume pot, voltage pot, and high/low gain toggle, on/off LED, and a 125B enclosure.