Jext Telez Buzz Tone OD/Fuzz


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Jext Telez perfected presentation of this rare germanium god from the dawn of Floyd.  Fuzz Face meets Tone Bender in a classic that cleans up with the volume knob like no other.  Roaring OD/Fuzz brought back to reality….

Our finest germanium perfectly measured into a vintage roar. This is our interpretation of the pedal most commonly known to form the tonal ‘scape of Pink Floyd’s ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’– as used at that time by Syd Barrett.
Primordial vintage distortion. 

The original ran on 3 volt (2xAA). We found that 9 Volts is super charged and 6 Volts is the perfect blend between the super squish of the original 3 and the supercharge. So we gave you all three options– Along with our trademark soft white LED, glossy paints and Moroccan tinged third order silk-screens, this hidden gem of rock purity is now streamlined to make historic tones again.