Jext Telez White Pedal V2 Fuzz/Overdrive


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This is Jext Telez’s breakout hit…..the flagship ‘Beatles in a Box’

The V2 introduces vintage transistors which increase the filter EQ depth and create a rounder, deeper distortion.

This pedal is brand new in the box and it comes with stickers included!


Based on the fuzz used for guitar parts among other instruments on: USSR, Birthday (the ‘underwater piano’), Monkey, Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, Lady Madonna, Bulldog, Hello Goodbye, Flying, Sgt. Peppers, Sympathy for the Devil, Brown Sugar, Honkey Tonk Woman…

The Vox Supreme, Defiant, Conqueror and Virtuoso amplifiers came with a fuzz/OD and semi-parked Wah built into the amp. Stones and Lennon/McCartney/Harrison all used it judiciously on many a tune.

When you blend a fuzz that shoots out of a mix with a scary directness and add to that a perfectly tweaked, talking wah-tone.. Some quadratic time domain stuff happens. ¬†It’s simply classic and familiar but complex in it’s internal layering.

The White Pedal delivers this emotionally rocking voice– stripped down, raw, holographic, direct, timeless, deconstructionist.

Pedal comes in white bag inside white box.  Manual, labels, stickers and white feet included.