Rainger FX London Freakenstein's Dwarf w/ IGOR


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Monster distortion in a micro package.
Harmonic overtones controlled by knob
or unique foot-controlled pressure pad.
Built-in noise gate.
Hi/Lo intensity button.
Extreme new sounds!
All sockets on top end panel!

This is the world’s first boutique micro-pedal – another first for Rainger FX!

It’s an extreme tone-mangling distortion – the same circuit as that used in the original Dr Freakenstein Fuzz (click here for that page), and it’s housed in our own original design steel enclosure.

Collossal wall-of-fuzz sound in a tiny package
Totally silent between notes
Comes with an Igor foot-controller – with two available pressure sensitivities.
No side sockets taking up pedalboard space
True bypass footswitching
Custom-designed steel enclosure
Powered by 9v power supply (not included)
Harmonic overtone expression facility with ‘hi/lo’ option
Does hi-pass filter and bit-crusher sounds
Black leatherette paint finish for extra protection