NEW Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus 1 x 15" Tube Combo Amp Reissue


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The Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus Combo Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:

Supro’s roots can be traced back to the 1930s, when the National Resophonic and Dobro guitar companies merged to form a manufacturing entity called Valco. Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-faced resonator guitars, and electric lap steel guitars under a variety of brand names, including Airline, Oahu, and National. They also designed amplifiers for several other companies such as Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay. It was during this time that Valco also began producing guitars and amplifiers under the Supro name. Extremely popular amongst Southside Chicago blues musicians in the 1960s, Supro amplifiers proved equally popular with the British musicians who were influenced by them. By the late 1960s, notable guitarists ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Albert Lee to Jimmy Page were seen playing Supro amplifiers. Original Supro amps often sell for premium prices on the used market, because of their legendary unique tone.
The Supro Thunderbolt – a historic mistake, a modern miracle

Once upon a time, a certain manufacturer created one of the worst-sounding bass amps ever produced. It was underpowered, distorted like crazy, and the speaker’s baffle board couldn’t handle low frequencies, so it fluttered around in a disruptive fashion. The manufacturer continuously tried to market the amp to bass players, but they all turned up their noses. All seemed lost. Then one day, an adventurous lad plugged an electric guitar into the amp, turned it all the way up, and experienced the most amazing, raw tube distortion they had ever heard. It sounded positively huge! Before you knew it, guitarists from all over the land wanted to experience this epic, raw, overdriven, tooth-rattling sound for themselves. A promising young guitarist named Jimi was even spotted playing through one while he was on tour with Little Richard and the Isley Brothers. The rest, as they say, is history!
3-way rectifier switch option adds modern headroom and versatility

Although the Supro Thunderbolt’s tone is clearly awe-inspiring, its simplistic design does give rise to limitations that could hinder its usefulness as a gigging amp. A jack-of-all-trades it is not, which is why Supro designed the S6420+. The S6420+ includes a three-way rectifier switch that adds modern headroom and gigging versatility to the Thunderbolt. With the S6450+, you’re given the choice of a 35-watt (cathode-biased) or 45-watt (grid-biased) 5U4 tube rectifier mode, as well as a high power 60-watt (grid-biased) solid state rectifier setting. Because of the S6450+, your Thunderbolt doesn’t have to be a one trick pony.
The Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

35-watt cathode-biased 6L6 output section delivers plenty of tone and volume
1 x 15″ custom designed Supro TB15 speaker delivers classic vintage sound
Tone and volume knobs makes dialing in your tone simple
3-way rectifier switch option adds headroom and tonal versatility

The Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus tube guitar amplifier could easily become your favorite amp!
Tech Specs
Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 35 / 45 / 60W Class A
Speaker Size 1 x 15″ Supro TB15
EQ Tone
Preamp Tubes 2 x 12AX7EH
Power Tubes 2 x 5881 / 6L6WGC, 1 x 5U4GB (Rectifier)
Inputs 2 x TS
Height 19″
Width 23.625″
Depth 10.5″
Weight 45 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number S6420+