Supro SF1-U 1-Button Footswitch


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Tremolo On/Off Switch for Supro Dual-Tone and Coronado

The Supro SF1 footswitch allows you to control the tremolo circuit of your Supro Dual-Tone, Coronado, and Black Magick tube combo electric guitar amplifiers with the tap of a toe. The SF1 connects to your amplifier with an additional standard mono instrument cable. The Supro SF1 gives you full control of your Supro Dual-Tone and Coronado tube combo electric guitar amplifiers.

Supro SF1 Tremolo On/Off Footswitch Features:

  • Turns amp tremolo on and off
  • Connects via a 1/4″ mono instrument cable (not included)
  • Rugged metal construction

The SF1 lets you control your tremolo.