60 Seconds At Empire- Episode 1- 1959 Epiphone Century

Welcome to Empire Guitars new video series “60 Seconds at Empire” Join us while Empire Guitar’s own Mike Samos demos a  Epiphone Century made just after Gibson acquired Epiphone. The guitar is demo through a new Supro Dual Tone with reverb from a Mr. Black Eterna pedal.  

Intro to Percolation Theory: Two Takes On The Classic But Rare Harmonic Percolator

  Intro to Percolation Theory: Two Takes On the Classic But Rare Interfax Harmonic Percolator by Christopher McTernan             The Interfax Harmonic Percolator is amongst the most unique-sounding fuzzes ever produced. Designed by Milwaukee electronics repairman Ed Geise in the 1970s, it distinguished itself by utilizing both germanium and silicon transistors to cancel out […]

What the F**k! How to String a Bigsby Equipped Guitar Without the Expletives

What the F**k!  How to String a Bigsby Equipped Guitar Without the Expletives by Michael Samos       So you finally got a hold of that Neil Young-esque vintage Gibson Les Paul…   Or maybe you just installed a Bigsby on your favorite Mexican built Telecaster (you picked a good one after all).  Now the […]

Holcomb Guitars- “Kick Ass, Handmade Guitars and Basses”

We are really lucky to have as skilled a man as Nick Holcomb working tirelessly to keep our show room of vintage electric guitars performing at their optimum.   He also is happy to work on customer’s guitars and on top of it all is a fantastic builder! Check out this beautiful custom guitar Nick Holcomb […]

How Do You Choose? Making the Boutique Guitar Pedal Market a Moral Dilemma

By Tyler Osborne     Boutique pedals…Where does one begin on such a topic these days? It seems like everyone is starting a line of new fuzz pedals or designing the next big delay craze. It seems like you could stack their self-oscillating fuzz boxes end-to-end and exceed the limits of our stratosphere. With that […]