1966 Fender Mustang

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Summary: Originally released in 1964, the Mustang was the third in Fender's student series-following the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic-but the first offset to be featured in the range. The original Mustang was a dual-pickup, 22-fret, medium-scale guitar and it has an offset waist like a Jazzmaster and was the first of the student models to feature a vibrato system. The 1966 Mustang did get the larger headstock typical of the CBS-acquisition era, an additional patent number on the headstock and “F key” tuners with white plastic knobs that had a squarer shape. The red models had three-ply white pearl pickguards, solid black pickup covers and black pickup switches. This Mustang is in excellent vintage condition and plays very well.

Body: Solid double cutaway, finished in a gloss Dakota Red.

Neck: Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard, 24” scale length, 1 5/8” nut width, 22 frets, white dot inlays, larger headstock.

Pickups/Hardware: Two single coil pickups, master volume/master tone controls, on/off slider and in/out phase switches, floating bridge and “Dynamic Vibrato” tailpiece, F key white tuning keys, pearl pickguard.

Cosmetics: This guitar is in excellent vintage condition. There is one small chip in the finish on the back of the body (See Photos Please). The body has light surface scratches throughout. The back of the neck and headstock of light finish checking. The back of the neck is clean, and the frets are still in great shape. The body also has light finish checking. The case is original but it’s in pretty rough shape.

Playability: Our in-house guitar tech has inspected, setup, and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10’s. The neck is straight, the truss rod is fully functional, and the action has been setup low and comfortable. The frets are in great shape with no major grooves or divots from use and it plays beautifully up and down the fretboard with no dead spots or choking out.

Weight: 7.540 lbs.

Case: This guitar ships in the original case (the case is in rough shape), professionally packaged, and fully insured.