Gibson Electric Guitars


Gibson electric guitars are one of the most in demand items at Empire Guitars.  Gibson was founded in 1902 in Kalamazoo Michigan as a producer of mandolins and arched top guitars.   Gibson’s most beloved guitar resulted from their collaboration with jazz guitarist and inventor Les Paul.  To this day Les Paul guitars are esteemed for their full sound, simple design and attractive carved tops.  The lighter weight SG or “solid guitar”  and the ES-335 (“ES” for “Electric-Spanish”)  remain popular amongst rock and blues players while Gibson electric arched tops are still coveted by jazz, jump, and swing players the world over.


    • original

      1981 Gibson ES-347

      Introduced as a replacement for the slowly-waning ES-345, the Gibson ES-347 TD was produced between 1978 and 1991. Its semi-hollow body sported coil-tapping was generally brighter and had a far better sustain than others in the series due to a number of factors, including its brass nut. This 347 is a unique model and has tons of character.


    • original

      1959 Gibson ES-350T

      With its gold hardware worn to a warm glow and some of the most intense and lovely finish-crazing we’ve ever encountered, this thin-body archtop looks the way you want an old guitar to look. Its two Patent Applied For humbucking pickups make it sound the way you want it to sound: smooth and full of woody character.


    • original

      1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior

      Part way through 1958, Gibson updated the Les Paul Junior. Changes included a new double cutaway body-shape with rounded horns as well as a new standard Cherry finish. These iconic Gibson guitars are perfectly simple rock n’ roll machines and are surprisingly versatile with a spin of the volume and tone knobs.


    • original

      1960 Gibson Les Paul Special with Bigsby

      Slightly higher-end than the Les Paul Jr but still considered a student-level guitar, the Les Paul Special was introduced in 1955 with a pair of P-90 pickups. Like other Les Paul models, the Les Paul Special underwent a total transformation at the end of the '50s switching form a single to double cutaway body shape. The model has been reissued several times since and remains in production. This particular guitar is from 1960 and features a fully bound neck.


    • original

      1965 Gibson ES-125 TC

      The ES-125 evolved out of the ES-100 in 1941 and was produced until 1943. Upon its reintroduction in 1946, the ES-125 changed in a number of ways including a wider body, a new P-90 pickup, and trapezoid inlays. This particular guitar is the thin-body version. This instrument is in good condition and includes the original hard shell case.


    • original

      1966 Gibson ES-125T with original Gibson chipboard case

      This thin version of the ES-125 has a beautiful maple top, super cherry sunburst finish, 2 f-holes & a trapeze tailpiece. This light-weight beauty plays and sounds awesome. The simplicity of the single P-90 pickup with one volume & one tone knob and the bound top & back add elegance to this vintage tone machine. This instrument is in great playing shape but it did have a small partial headstock break in the past that was fully fixed and checked out by our in-house luthier.


    • original

      1966 Gibson ES-330 TD

      Introduced in 1959 to replace the discontinued ES-225, the 330 features the silhouette of the iconic 335, but is fully hollow and equipped with two punchy P90s. This is a great & beautiful example from 1966 - we just had this baby set up with 10's and it sounds incredible.


    • original

      1967 Gibson ES-345 TDC Cherry

      The ES-345 was introduced shortly after the ES-335. The ES-345 differed from the 335 in its inclusion of a Vari-tone tone selector circuit, split-parallelogram inlays, stereo output, and gold hardware.


    • original

      1969 Gibson Super 400 CESN

      Meet the ultimate Big Bopper! Original Gibson humbuckers give you an incredible tone and the thin flamed maple neck will have you racing up and down the frets in no time!


    • original

      1970 Gibson Johnny Smith with Original Hardshell Case

      The Gibson Johnny Smith introduced the world's first floating humbucking pickup when it debuted in 1961. It also resurrected the classic X-braced top, a design used by Gibson in the 1930's. The visual design of the Johnny Smith is drawn from a number of top-of-the-line models, such as the L-5C and the Super 400.


    • original

      1971 Gibson SG Special with Maestro Vibrola & Original Case

      The SG Special evolved out of the Les Paul Special in the early '60s when Gibson introduced the SG as its primary solid-body shape. The Special was conceived as a more affordable, parred-down take on SG Standard, and this designation persists till today. This particular Gibson has a beautiful walnut finish, original pickups, original vibrato system, original tuning keys & the original case.


    • original

      1972 Gibson SG Standard with Original Hardshell Case

      The SG has remained one of the truly classic solidbody guitars of all time. This particular Gibson is from 1972 and it comes with the original hardshell case.


    • original

      1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

      This is a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe with the original mini-humbuckers & an awesome Goldtop finish. This guitar plays and sounds wonderful & it ships with a Gibson hardshell case.


    • original

      1977 Gibson ES-175D

      This is a great example of the iconic Gibson jazz guitar - this 1977 ES-175D sounds great, plays great & it looks great when you hold it in your hands.


    • original

      1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan 3-pickup

      The most standout feature of the Norlin-era Les Paul Aritsan is its unique flower inlay designs. This model was produced with either two or three pickups -- the three pickup version usually demands a higher price. This particular Gibson is the 3 pickup model from 1977 with a beautiful walnut finish & a non-original hardshell case.


    • original

      2001 Gibson "59-335" ES-335 59' Reissue

      This guitar is a 2001 Gibson Custom Shop 59' Reissue ES-335 with the original hard shell case & COA. This instrument is a beautiful cherry red. This guitar plays great and has a wonderful rich, full tone.


    • original

      2006 Gibson Explorer

      After its short but noteworthy premier in 1958, the Gibson Explorer went out of production until the mid-'70s. Gibson changed the Explorer design in 1981 to include uncovered "Dirty Fingers" humbuckers, a maple neck with Ebony fingerboard, and chrome-plated hardware. The Explorer remained in production in various formats since, though again went on hiatus at the end of 2012. This particular guitar is from 2006 and it comes with the original Gibson hardshell case.


    • original

      2008 Gibson 1960 VOS Les Paul with Original Hardshell Case & COA

      Built to 1960 specs – this awesome Gibson Les Paul is a dream come true for any Gibson player. This instrument features a killer “Washed Cherry” sunburst finish & the top has quite a bit of flame in it as well. This instrument COA says “LP 60 Reissue” and the Sweetwater paperwork says the model is LPR0FVOWCNH. This guitar does show some light signs of wear but overall it is in really great shape.


    • original

      2008 Gibson Les Paul LPR-8 Murphy Aged Goldtop

      This is a real-deal 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul LPR-8 1958 'Aged Historic' Reissue Gold Top. Only 75 were made worldwide, and this one is #42 out of 75! Pre-aged by Tom Murphy at the Gibson Custom facility and built by Master Builder Edwin Wilson


    • original

      2008 Gibson LPR8

      This is a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul reissue with a plain top and a beautiful tobacco sunburst finish. This instrument plays great and has a huge vintage Gibson LP tone.


    • original

      2011 Gibson Custom Shop VOS LPR8 with Bigsby

      This is a 2011 Gibson Les Paul from the Gibson Custom Shop. This instrument is a 1958 VOS Plain-top with a beautiful sunburst finish with a Bigsby vibrato. This guitar comes with the original hardshell case, Certificate of Authenticity and some original hangtags & paperwork inside the case.


    • original

      2011 Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby

      The Midtown Standard covers the sonic spectrum, from hard rock to soft jazz with an elegant, upscale design. Ultra-playable and super-stylish, this particular Gibson has a wonderful ebony finish & it comes with the original hardshell case!


    • original

      2012 Gibson Les Paul Special Humbucker TV Yellow

      The Les Paul Special was originally introduced as an affordable student model but the classic simple design has become a favorite & has stood the test of time. The P-90 pickups were often taken out & replaced with the warm, rich, thick Humbucker pickups so Gibson decided to put it all together in 2012 & give you the Les Paul Special “Humbucker” series….this guitar sounds and plays awesome & we recently had the guitar set up with 10’s by our in-house luthier – this Gibson is ready to roll!


    • original

      2014 Gibson Les Paul Signature with Original Hardshell Case

      This is a 2014 Gibson Les Paul “Signature” with a beautiful flame maple top & a glossy sunburst finish. This guitar features 2 1957 classic humbucker pickups. The guitar includes the original pickguard in the case.


    • original

      2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with Original Hardshell Case

      The Les Paul Traditional 2016 T's foundation is the same traditional tonewood combination that helped make the Les Paul a legend when it was introduced six decades ago. A traditional pickup wind in the neck position provides plenty of warmth and clarity, and in the bridge position, slightly over-wound coils in the '57 Classic PlusTM offer wailing lead tones.