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At Empire Guitars, we’re always buying and trading, so our selection changes all the time. For our collectors, that’s very exciting. You never know what rare vintage model might find its way into the shop this week!

One thing we can tell you for sure is that whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. We’re New England’s largest inventory of vintage guitars, basses, amps and accessories. For vintage electric guitars, we’re the place.

Check out our frequently updated inventory of the latest vintage electric guitars – from one-trick ponies to one-of-a-kinds and limited editions.

    • original

      1968-1970 Kustom K200 Electric Guitar

      Best known for their iconic Tuck and Roll amplifiers, Kustom briefly produced a line of guitars and basses. Made in 1968 and 1969, these unique and rare instruments featured a semi-hollow body of unusual design—the front and back were made separately, hollowed out, then joined together. They have been called the love-child of a Mosrite and a Rickenbacker.


    • original

      1998 Spalt Reverse T with Original Hardshell Case

      G9805 “Reverse T” makes use of one of the wooden sign letters found. The guitar has a Redwood body with an Indian Rosewood neck and Fralin P-90 pickups with custom made celluloid covers. The green switch tip is made of catalin, an early form of plastic which was used in art-deco period radios.


    • original

      1999 James Trussart SteelCaster Tele

      The one-of-a-kind SteelCaster line is designed by Parisian builder James Trussart. Looking like a cross between a vintage Tele and something out of an H.G. Wells novel, these aluminum hollow-bodies sport a uniquely “decayed” finish (applied using a complex top-secret process that utilizes sea salts and animal skins) that gives each SteelCaster a distinct personality all its own.


    • original

      2003 James Trussart SteelCaster with Original Hardshell Case

      The Steelcaster has the look & feel of a vintage instrument while featuring an exclusive steel body with metal appointments. This beautiful guitar has a brushed steel body with a very cool pickguard & control panel with wonderful etched designs in the steel. This awesome guitar comes with the original hardshell case.


    • original

      2012 Dream Studios Riverboat 3

      The Riverboat 3 is the wild-side of the Riverboat model. Using the same Semi-Hollow Mahogany Body with Maple top as the Riverboat, the R-3 is taking things to the extremes of her Spanish Curves. This instrument has a solid mahogany core with a Bigsby, lost of switches & tons of tone options.


    • original

      2013 Duesenberg Dragster with Original Hardshell Case

      This solid-body Duesenberg Dragster is a simple yet elegant instrument with tons of tone. This guitar feels very light and it plays & sounds great.


    • original

      2014 Swope "Geronimo"

      The one that started it all. An offset alder bodied double cut. Featuring the O.G. pickups, (Original Geronimo), Swope’s original humbucking design – full voiced with a wonderful clarity.


    • original

      2015 D'Angelico EXL-1

      The EXL-1 has been revived with all the quality expected from D'Angelico. This single-cutaway archtop features a signature D'Angelico stairstep tailpiece along with a floating pickup and hard maple neck.


    • original

      Fodera Imperial Custom with Original Case

      The Imperial Custom is a single cut electric guitar that combines the classic thick rich tone of guitars from the 50’s updated with modern aesthetic, playability, and construction techniques. Using only premium hand-selected tone-woods, these guitars provide a rich and resonant tone that is somewhat traditional but with added clarity thanks to the untraditional 3-piece neck and Dovetail neck joint.


    • original

      John Page Classic Ashburn with original gig bag

      A double-cutaway, solid body guitar custom designed by John Page to embody his Uniquely Familiar™ design aesthetic. Featuring an extremely comfortable medium “C” shaped grip, threaded bolt neck assembly for greater tone transfer, contoured heel for easier upper fret access, staggered tuners that eliminate the need for string trees, bass justified fret dots for greater visibility, and Bloodline® by John Page JP-1 single coil S-style pickups with contrarian bridge pickup slant.