Divine Noise Curly Cable Orange 30' Straight / Angle  *Free Shipping in the USA*

Divine Noise Curly Cable Orange 30' Straight / Angle *Free Shipping in the USA*

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From Divine Noise:

Made from the EXACT same cable as our standard straight guitar cables, absolutely no compromising went into this coiled guitar cable. Most coiled guitar cords on the market are not manufactured with the same exacting standards my clients have come to know and expect from my work. This coil instrument cable is a product I happily stand behind. This coiled guitar lead maintains it’s curly shape through the pushing and pulling of rigorous use. Unlike every other curly cable on the market, this cable will not fail.

20 AWG stranded center conductor, a spiral shield of bare copper providing 95% coverage. Semi-conductive PVC covering reduces Tribo-Electric Noise and provides clean, low-noise performances, without microphonics.
Low capacitance (30 pF/FT) provide a rich warm tone, not bright, harsh or brittle- the result of overly low capacitance- and not too dull or muddy- caused by too high of a capacitance.
The oxygen free copper used in our cables delivers the purest sound quality while remaining flexible and noise free.
Thick (.280”), heavy-duty PVC outer jacket designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use while maintaining flexibility.
Every cable is soldered by hand using the highest quality silver solder.
Available in G&H Industries or Neutrik silentPLUG* plugs
Completely made by hand in the USA.
Divine Noise offers a lifetime no hassle warranty on every cable.