Frost Giant Electronics Massif Fuzz *Empire Guitars Exclusive* Metallic Blue

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This exclusive metallic blue Massif Fuzz is only available here at Empire Guitars and they only made 35 !   It comes with a Empire Guitars pin and sticker!  The circuit is slightly modified from the standard Massif with a dual BC548 transistor for a more natural and warmer fuzz tone.  It’s the low noise version of the BC108.     " The Massif is a 1 Knob Savage Fuzz Device. It has one purpose, to level everything in its path. This is our take on the Colorsound 1 Knob Fuzz, there are many like them, but none like the Massif. I designed this after lusting after the Slomatics/Conan/Bongripper tone. More gain, more lows, big mids and a lot of hate. That’s the Massif. "