JHS Pedals 3 Series Fuzz *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The JHS Pedals 3 Series Fuzz is a versatile fuzz box that cleans up well
with your guitar's volume knob. The Fuzz is the perfect balance of
vintage and modern with soaring sustain and clear articulation. The
controls allow you to create a wide variety of sounds via the Bias knob,
which gives the Fuzz a more gated sound as you turn it up. Unlike many
fuzz pedals, the fuzz knob is usable across 100% of the sweep for many
different flavors not typically found in a fuzz, like distortion, and
even pushed amp Esq overdrive tones. The Fat toggle engages a bass boost
for an overall fatter, more powerful sound. The JHS Pedals 3 Series
Fuzz runs on 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 9mA.