JHS Pedals Summing Amp *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Pedals Summing Amp gives you the ability to take two inputs and blend
them into one output. Simply plug into the two marked inputs and then
plug in your single output and you’re ready to go. From two signals the
Summing Amp creates one mono signal.

is perfect for putting effects in parallel so that they are not
affected by one another. The Edge used this technique in the 80s with
his delays. When you have a quarter note delay and a dotted eighth delay
and you place them in parallel then sum them back together, the effect
is that both delays come through more clearly and are not “delaying the
delays”. This can also be used with overdrives so that they are not
pushing each other as in series, but sit atop one another in parallel.
Another use is combining fuzz and compression in parallel so the fuzz
isn’t getting choked by the compression.

Summing Amp gives you the ability to use effects together in completely
new ways that you may never have imagined and can open up new and
inspiring sounds with your old effects. This simple little box takes two
inputs and creates one output but it adds up to a whole lot more!