MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply *Free Shipping in the USA*

MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Long Story.

The Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply supplies quiet, noise-free
DC power to wide range of pedal types while taking up less space than a
candy bar. Whether you need a space-saving solution for your downsized
travel board or you just need to power a small, carefully curated
selection of tried-and-true staples, this little box has what you need.

First, let’s talk outputs. The Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply has five,
and each is fully isolated to eliminate obnoxious, gig-ending ground
loop noise. Four of the outputs supply 9 volts of power at 300mA, while a
fifth can be set to provide either 9 volts or 18 volts at 800mA
depending on your needs. With a generous amount of current on tap and
the ability to handle both negative and positive grounds, these outputs
will accommodate almost any pedal, analog or digital.

And don’t let the five outputs restrict you—if you need to add an
extra pedal, the Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply has you covered. It comes
with a splitter cable that can be used to connect two pedals to a single
output, provided they require the same voltage and you don’t exceed the
output’s current rating. You can do this with all of the outputs
simultaneously—just purchase the extra cables to do so.

Finally, troubleshooting can be a hassle on dark stages, so the Mini
Iso-Brick Power Supply comes equipped with LEDs to let you know that all
your connections are solid. Combine that with a lightweight housing
that's built like a tank, and you can step on stage with confidence that
your pedalboard will stay powered from gig to gig.