Pro Co Evolution EVLGCLN-5 TS-TS Angled to Straight Instrument Cable *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Revolutionizing the way you connect to YOUR world. Sonic superiority and
incomparable comfort has evolved into one cable. Free your
part of the Evolution Revolution.

The EVOLUTION cables are engineered for sonic performance with dual
shielding, Neutrik connectors, and 100% oxygen-free wire extruded in
their own facilities. Great-sounding and built to be durable enough for
daily use, these cables are complete with the a 'soft touch' jacket -
you'll think you're holding and hearing a cable that cost substantially
more! Experience Pro Co's EVOLUTION cables for yourself!

Pro Co EVOLUTION Instrument Cable Features:

  • 100% oxygen-free wire for long life and great sound
  • Noiseless dual-shielded design rejects outside noise
  • Neutrik black and gold connectors for a solid, clean connection
  • Supple soft touch jacket

Make the move to Pro Co's EVOLUTION cables and hear the difference!

Pro Co Sound prides itself on the high integrity of its cables, and, warrants Lifelines cables with a "lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material.