Yamaha FGX3 Natural with Hard Bag *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The new Yamaha FGX3 is part of the Red Label Series
from Yamaha, first launched in 1966. This new series blends vintage
designs with modern technology and includes everything Yamaha has
learned and developed over the last 50 years of guitar manufacturing.

Standout features of the FGX3 include:

  • All solid construction using select tonewoods

  • Yamaha Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system

  • A.R.E. to produce powerful and balanced vintage tones

  • New scalloped bracing pattern

  • 1960s aesthetics and modern craftsmanship

The aged tonewoods of classic guitars become more resonant over time
and vibrate more freely, producing a sound we hear as louder and more
powerful. This is the tone the FGX3 is designed to produce.

Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.)
is the technology Yamaha uses to get the vintage tones from their new
guitars. This process uses heat, humidity, and pressure on the top to
accelerate the aging of the wood. It's none chemical, environmentally
friendly and produces vintage tones on a new instrument!

The Yamaha FGX3 acoustic-electric Red Label guitar is one of the first guitars to feature Atmosfeel,
a new 3-way pickup, and a preamp system. It uses an under-saddle pickup
for the low frequencies, an internal mic for lows and mids, and a
totally new contact sensor for the high frequencies. The Atmosfeel
system, with its 3-way pickup system, produces natural acoustic tones
and sets the Yamaha FGX3 guitar apart from all others in its price

Recreating a classic is always a challenge, but the new
Red Label Yamaha FGX3 hits the mark. It sets the standard of what a
Yamaha guitar is, in terms of tone, style and build quality and defines
what it takes to build a great sounding guitar.