On The Road Effects Dynami Vise


The Dynami Vise is a natural, transparent sounding compressor that preserves your tone while boosting low level nuances of your playing by up to 20dB. It’s very low noise floor won’t add extra hum or hiss to your tone, as some other vintage compressor pedal designs do.

The Dynami Vise excels as an ‘always on’ effect, due to it’s transparant qualities- so much so that you’re bound to miss it when it’s off. It’s ability to operate at 18v makes it great for bass as well as guitar. This is the comp that will convert some of the ‘I don’t like compressors’ players. Runs on 9v or up to 18v for more headroom.

Controls: More (Volume), Smoosh (Compression) and True Bypass footswitch.

Power Source: 9VDC (negative center ‘Boss-style’ adapter required).