Sea Dog The Maker Wooden Guitar Stand

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The Sea Dog Ash Wood Guitar Stand is made from sustainable hardwoods and makes a beautiful presentation for your guitar at home or at the studio. It is sleek and sturdy, and comes in a variety of stain colors. Currently available in Clear, Cherry and Blue.


The stands are versatile and adjustable to fit a wide range of guitar makes and models. Whether you are a professional musician or a weekend player, you will find the Sea Dog Guitar Stand will add a touch of class to your rehearsal space, gig site or recording studio!

Details: The guitar stand will be packaged to ship in a secure mailing box, with simple instructions to secure the vertical upright piece to the base with an included Allen wrench. To adjust the stand to fit your guitar, place the guitar on the base and select one of the two pockets. Locate the strap button within the selected pocket. Hold the neck with one hand and loosen the head fork by turning the knob counter clockwise. Adjust to the proper height and lock the head fork by tightening the knob. Your guitar is now fit to the stand.

You can also hang the guitar from the the head fork. Bring the head fork to the max height in the slot and tighten the know. However, the stand is designed to hold the guitar from the underside of the body and the head. In this way, you will gain a tuning and intonation advantage over the traditional hanging practice. Less tuning!